Bank fraud is prosecuted in federal court and covers a wide variety of conduct where a bank has lost money. A federal law punishes a person for making a false statement for the purposes of getting a bank loan. This includes intentionally providing false information in loan applications, such as inflated assets, non-disclosure of liabilities, false employment data or fictitious security for a loan. This conduct can also be prosecuted as a bank fraud if it is alleged that there was a scheme to defraud a bank, which can include any material misrepresentation made in an effort to obtain money or any unauthorized means to get money from a bank. A mortgage fraud involving a scheme to defraud a bank by a person acting with intent to defraud can be prosecuted as a bank fraud. An officer or employee of a bank, acting with criminal intent, can be prosecuted for misapplication (bad loans, nominee loans, check-kiting) or embezzlement of bank funds.

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If you are being investigated by authorities for bank fraud, or have been arrested on these serious white collar crime charges, you need an experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer. At the Law Offices of William J. Mauzy in Minneapolis, Minnesota, attorney Bill Mauzy provides an effective defense against bank fraud charges.

Mr. Mauzy also handles the defense of allegations of mortgage fraud. His more than 30 years of experience in state and federal courts, and track record of success that includes more than 100 successful trials, speaks for itself.

Mortgage fraud covers a broad range of offenses: irregularities and deceitful conduct during home loan qualification; fraudulent appraisals that distort a home’s value; non-disclosure or deceptive findings by home inspections; arranging apparent sales to non-qualified “straw buyers;” and false or forged W2 or other income forms, plus misrepresentation or false statements to the FDIC.

Being convicted of a serious white collar crime such as mortgage fraud leaves you vulnerable to a number of harsh penalties. You could be subject to a lengthy prison sentence, criminal forfeiture of assets and a criminal record as a felon.

At the Law Offices of William J. Mauzy in Minneapolis, Bill Mauzy provides skillful criminal defense representation if you have been investigated for, or arrested on, serious charges of mortgage fraud in Minnesota or elsewhere in the U.S.

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