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For more than 30 years, individuals in the Twin Cities and beyond have come to rely on the skill and legal knowledge of criminal defense attorney Bill Mauzy. He has represented dozens of individuals and corporations who, as a result of his pre-charge advocacy, were never charged. These investigations concluding without charges being brought are among his proudest accomplishments. This is a partial list of public cases.

Prince’s complicated history with painkillers takes center stage
By Michael Pearson, CNN

Four Starkey defendants plead not guilty in $20M fraud case

Represented famed rapper Busy Signal

Cleared of sex abuse, noted doctor can practice again **

LB EJ Henderson (MIN) and others not likely to be charged with felony

Clipped from: by Margaret Zack

Injuries to Troy Lamont Jones, who fought three Minnesota Vikings players outside the Tabu nightclub in Minneapolis last month, were not severe enough to merit felony assault charges, Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar said Thursday. She said she has referred the case to the Minneapolis city attorney’s office for possible misdemeanor charges. Klobuchar said that Jones had “substantial bruising” from the fight, but worse injuries such as broken bones are needed for felony charges.

Vikings linebackers E.J. Henderson and Michael Nattiel, both 23, and tight end Steven Farmer, 24, who since has been released by the team, were arrested about 2 a.m. on June 6. Nattiel’s uncle also was arrested. According to a police report, the four men continued to kick, punch and stomp on Jones’ body and head after the 32-year-old Brooklyn Center man was knocked unconscious. He was taken to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, where he was treated and released.

“This was abhorrent behavior, not what we want happening on our streets,” Klobuchar said. “It now is before the city attorney for misdemeanors.” City spokeswoman Sara Dietrich said she would review the case and “make a charging decision as quickly as possible.” Attorney Bill Mauzy, who represents the Vikings players, said he was pleased that Klobuchar declined to prosecute. “Based on what we know, the injuries were not substantial,” he said. He said his investigation showed that Farmer was assaulted first and the Vikings came to his defense. “It’s difficult to sort out individual culpability in the midst of mayhem,” he said. He said he will talk to the city attorney about the investigation.

State v. Arndt
Faribault, Minnesota

College student found not guilty of criminal sexual conduct

U.S. v. Augustine Medical
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mauzy’s client was general counsel for a medical device company; after two months of trial the felony Medicare fraud charges were dismissed and each defendant pled to a no jail time misdemeanor.

State v. Berkelman
St. Paul, Minnesota

State legislator found not guilty of theft

State v. Bloomberg
St. Paul, Minnesota

Defendant operated a non-profit corporation, found not guilty or charges dismissed on all 13 felony counts of fraud, theft and tax fraud

State v. Cowden
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Reversal of false statement to federal agency conviction

State v. Eibensteiner
Rochester, Minnesota

Eibensteiner acquitted. Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman found not guilty of soliciting illegal campaign contributions

U.S. v. Durenberger, et. al.
Washington, D.C. / Minneapolis, MN

Mauzy's client was the personal attorney for the Senator, all charges against him were dismissed with prejudice before trial

U.S. v. Zollie Green
St. Paul, Minnesota

Minneapolis City Councilman charged with receiving bribes, conspiracy, Travel Act and related charges, found not guilty of all charges

U.S. v. Heil
St. Paul, Minnesota

Lawyer and law firm investigators charged with mail fraud and securities fraud in connection with product liability litigation; defendant found not guilty after twelve-week trial

U.S. v. Hemmingson
Washington, D.C.

CEO of national crop insurance company was prosecuted for securities fraud and mail fraud by the Office of Independent Counsel in the Secretary of Agriculture Michael Espy investigation, found not guilty of all charges following a five-week trial

U.S. v. Ion Electronics, et. al.
Louisville, Kentucky

After an eleven-week trial, defendants found not guilty on all counts of defense contract fraud, mail fraud and securities fraud

U.S. v. Liebo
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Foreign Corrupt Practices prosecution, defendant found not guilty of seventeen of nineteen counts, two counts of conviction were reversed on appeal.

U.S. v. Mages
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Farmer charged with bankruptcy fraud, mail fraud and money laundering, found not guilty

State v. McLeod
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Pediatrician charged with criminal sexual conduct, found not guilty

U.S. v. Meister
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Plant manager charged with 13 Clean Water Act felony offenses, found not guilty of all felonies and found guilty of the defense requested lesser - included misdemeanor. Sentenced to probation and no jail.

State v. Miller
Minnesota Supreme Court

Suppression of a corporate officer's statement to law enforcement as a violation of Rule 4.2 of Rules of Professional Conduct

U.S. v. Okubo
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dismissal of environmental crime charges against a business owner

U.S. v. Pacific Hide & Fur, et al
Pocatello, Idaho

Corporation and individuals found not guilty of all but one count of federal felony environmental crimes; remaining count reversed by Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

U.S. v. Pagel, et al.
St. Paul, Minnesota

Mauzy's client found not guilty of tax fraud, tax evasion, conspiracy to defraud the I.R.S. and securities fraud

State v. Pelovsky
Owatonna, Minnesota

Nursing home owner found not guilty of Medicaid fraud and health care fraud

State v. Petty

Dismissal of all theft by swindle charges after successful suppression of evidence hearing.

U.S. v. Pintar
St. Louis, Missouri

Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals reversal of mail fraud convictions

State v. Quick
St. Paul, Minnesota

Owner and CEO of construction company accused of criminal anti-trust bid rigging relating to government contracts, found not guilty

State v. Rafferty
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dismissal of all criminal neglect charges against nursing home administrator

State v. Roverud
Caledonia, Minnesota

Minnesota owner and CEO of construction company charged with criminal anti-trust bid rigging, found not guilty

State v. Sackmaster
Faribault, Minnesota

Officer of corporation found not guilty of criminal sexual conduct charges alleged to have occurred in the workplace

State v. Story
Winona, Minnesota

African American college student found not guilty of assaulting and resisting arrest of four white police officers

U.S. v. Technical Ordinance, et. al
Aberdeen, South Dakota

Minnesota defense contractor and its president found not guilty on all 36 counts of unlawful distribution of explosive materials, false statements to federal law enforcement, conspiracy, export violations and mail fraud

State v. Tisland
Brainerd, Minnesota

First-degree murder prosecution. Defendant, a minister's wife, shot her sleeping husband. She was found not guilty. The trial was the first to use in Minnesota the Battered Woman's Defense Syndrome expert testimony to support a self-defense claim.

U.S. v. Wilbur
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Physician, an oncologist, found not guilty of all but one felony drug offenses related to patient treatment. The remaining conviction was reversed by the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals and a judgment of acquittal was ordered.

State v. Zeleznikar
Two Harbors, Minnesota

Dismissal of all neglect charges against a nursing home administrator

U.S. v. Zeller
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Defendant and his corporation found not guilty on all 100 felony counts of mail fraud, ERISA fraud, false statements, securities fraud