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For more than 30 years in the Twin Cities, Minnesotans have relied on the Law Offices of William J. Mauzy for exceptional legal representation from a distinguished criminal defense attorney.

The firm’s significant cases include obtaining not-guilty jury verdicts on behalf of:

  • The former Chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party accused of illegal campaign contributions
  • A pediatrician charged with criminal sexual conduct
  • A businessman charged with 100 felony counts of fraud
  • An insurance company CEO prosecuted for fraud by the Office of Independent Counsel, in Washington D.C.
  • A preacher’s wife charged with his murder in the first successful Minnesota case using battered women’s defense syndrome

Minneapolis criminal defense lawyer

Recognized for Excellence in Criminal Law

Attorney Bill Mauzy has been named to every edition of Best Lawyers in America in addition to the Top 10 Lawyers and Super Lawyers by Minnesota Law & Politics. He is also a member of the American College of Trial Lawyers, American Board of Criminal Lawyers, the National Board of Trial Advocacy and he is a certified criminal defense specialist with the Minnesota State Bar Association.

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He has won acquittals in a wide variety of cases, including securities fraud, bank fraud, mail fraud, bid rigging, antitrust, voting fraud, illegal campaign contributions, ERISA fraud, assault, bribery and murder — including the first acquittal in Minnesota using the battered women’s syndrome defense. In one of his many white collar cases, he also became the first attorney in Minnesota to try a case against the Office of Independent Counsel. Mauzy’s client, an insurance company CEO, was acquitted of all charges after a lengthy federal trial in Washington, D.C.

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If you have been charged with a crime in Minnesota, do not plead guilty without evaluating all your options. The law states that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. That is why, as an experienced criminal defense lawyer, William Mauzy is dedicated to clients. During his years as a criminal defense lawyer in Minnesota, William has seen his share of false accusations, questionable investigations and damaged reputations caused by flawed cases.

Every Minnesota client who contacts our criminal defense law firm deserves our personal attention. That is why we provide free consultations to assess your criminal charges and the particulars of your case. Together, we will inspect and consider the details, probable defenses and all of the opportunities to get your case dismissed. Cases are not won by luck. They are won by careful planning, consideration for the client and the experience of the defense attorney.

William Mauzy uses assertive legal strategies to achieve dismissals, reduced charges and deferred prosecutions. If you have been charged with a crime relating to driving while impaired, vehicular operation, drugs, weapons crimes, criminal sexual conduct, computers, felonies, misdemeanors, or another wrongdoing, contact Mauzy Law Firm TODAY for a free consultation. We know how law enforcement handles state and federal crimes, and the most efficient ways to respond.

As a defense attorney, William Mauzy has one priority and that is to have your back and nobody else's in court. It is his responsibility to defend you and to protect your civil liberties. He will spend the time needed to understand your specific situation and develop a strategy to take the measures needed to ensure a fair and positive outcome for you. Employing William Mauzy means that you will not only have capable representation on your side; but smart representation.

Because of potential consequences in your case, every decision you make can significantly alter your future. It is a common misconception that because someone is innocent in a criminal case, they cannot be convicted. This is far from the truth. In fact, prosecutors can be brutal and will aim for the harshest penalty. You need a professional who will guard you against injustice. Together, we will make sure that any false charges or unfair sentences against you are dropped.

Even if the law enforcement officials involved in your case missed crucial evidence during the investigation process, William Mauzy will thoroughly inspect every factor in the case. He will utilize many resources and assemble essential evidences to protect you in court. He has a strong understanding of the different sides of Minnesota’s legal system and he knows how a criminal defense case should be managed in order to secure favorable results for his clients.