Do You Need To Respond To Grand Jury And Administrative Subpoenas?

Defense for Grand Jury and Administrative Subpoenas

If you are being called before a federal grand jury or you are the target of a grand jury investigation, it is critical to have a subpoena attorney handling your case who is familiar with the process and possesses the skills and resources necessary to effectively defend you.

Minneapolis Grand Jury Subpoena Attorneys

In federal court all felony charges must be authorized by a federal grand jury. If you received a grand jury subpoena it may require you to testify before the grand jury or produce documents or both. A federal prosecutor asks question of all witnesses before the grand jury, the witness is under oath, no judge is present, although your defense lawyer can be consulted during your testimony. You may be called as a witness simply because you know facts about the matters under investigation. More ominously, you may be a “target” of the investigation; if you are a “target,” you are facing the likelihood of criminal charges against you. Whether you are a witness or target, you need to immediately retain an experienced lawyer because of the serious potential consequences. Not showing up to testify at the grand jury could lead to criminal contempt charges, testifying falsely could lead to perjury or false declaration criminal charges. Innocently contacting other witnesses could cause you to be investigated for witness tampering or obstruction of justice; altering or destroying documents could lead to an allegation of obstruction of justice.

Minnesota Lawyer for Grand Jury Investigations

At the Law Offices of William J. Mauzy in Minneapolis, attorney Bill Mauzy brings more than 30 years of criminal defense experience to these cases. He has successfully tried over 100 criminal cases and has earned a reputation as a defense lawyer capable of achieving the best possible outcome for his clients.

He provides skilled representation in federal cases, handling critical issues such as grand jury representation and administrative subpoenas.

Administrative Subpoenas

Receiving an administrative subpoena from the I.R.S., the S.E.C. or another regulatory agency carries the same risks as a grand jury subpoena.

These subpoenas have become a common part of white collar criminal cases and are issued directly by law enforcement agencies to information holders — usually a third party such as phone companies, Internet providers and financial institutions. There are many barriers to challenging these subpoenas in a court of law so it is crucial to have an attorney who is knowledgeable about the federal and state criminal process in order to challenge evidence obtained in this manner.

For assistance with any federal matter involving grand juries or administrative subpoenas, contact the Law Offices of William J. Mauzy for a free initial consultation with a Minneapolis grand jury subpoena lawyer.