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The open road can be unstable and during the harsh weather in Minnesota, it can even be more extreme and difficult to drive at times. If you were involved in an automobile accident, you will most likely not face any serious criminal charges. That is, unless you were consuming alcohol or other controlled substances before you operated a vehicle.

Minnesota laws have harsh penalties for individuals who cause accidents while driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Long prison sentences are required for anyone who drives while impaired and causes an accident that result in death. While these offenses are not intentional, these offenders are treated as criminals and prosecuted to the full extent of Minnesota law.

What Could A Criminal Vehicular Operation Charge Mean For You?

In the state of Minnesota, 10 different acts could result in an individual being charged with criminal vehicular operation offense. The level of the offense is decided upon by the extent of the injury caused by the accident. Penalties range from gross misdemeanor to a felony. There are four different penalty levels for criminal vehicular operation:

1. A person charged who causes great bodily harm to another or to an unborn child can be sentenced to jail for not more than five years or payment of no more than $10,000 or both.
2. A person charged with this offense and causes the death of someone or an unborn child may be sentenced to jail for no more than 10 years or to a fine of $20,000 or both.
3. A person charged with this offense who causes substantial hardship to another person may go to jail for up to three years or to a fine of less than $10,000 or both.
4. A person who violates subdivision 1 of Minnesota law and causes bodily harm may go to jail for less than a year or have a fine of less than $3,000 or both.

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