A third-degree DWI charge can have serious detrimental effects on the person involved. These effects may be associated to a person’s financial implications, legal consequences and even the individual’s mental state. Such consequences can be averted or minimized with the help of adequate legal defense for DWI. The individual involved should seek this legal assistance early enough to enable their attorney to prepare a defense.

A third-degree gross misdemeanor DWI is a serious offense that is meted with heavy penalties. In Minnesota, a third-degree charge can occur if any of the following conditions is encountered:

  • The offender has had a prior alcohol-related case or DWI within the past 10 years.
  • The offender had a passenger aged 16 or below at the time of committing the offense in the car.
  • The offender’s sample tests reveal an alcohol level of .20 or more.
  • The offender refused to offer blood, urine or breath tests after being requested by the police.

Unlike many other states, Minnesota operates on compulsory minimum punishments for repeated DWIs and associated offenses. A first offender may escape a mandatory 30-day jail sentence with the help of an experienced legal attorney.

Irrespective of whether an offender is a repeater or a first offender, a third-degree DWI conviction may have consequences such as:

  • Revocation of the driver’s license for a period of 180 days if the offender accepted an alcohol test. An offender can lose their driver’s license if he/she did not agree to an alcohol test.
  • Sanctioning of increased vehicular and life insurance premiums for the offender.
  • Impounding of the offender’s license plates and replacement with ‘whiskey’ plates.
  • A fine of up to $3,000.
  • Impact on future employment, housing, scholarships and loans.

While a third-degree DWI charge is a serious offense that attracts heavy punishments, proper legal representation can effectively reduce the chances of suffering tougher penalties. Offenders should seek legal assistance from experienced criminal defense lawyers to avoid suffering heavy penalties.

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