In federal court, the prosecutions most typically involve the possession with intent to distribute controlled substances or a conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. Federal drug crimes carry very harsh penalties typically resulting in longer prison sentences than in state court and the defendant may be subject to a mandatory minimum prison sentence and forfeiture of assets.

In state court, even though the possession of most types of controlled substances may be charged as a felony, sometimes a defense lawyer may be successful in convincing the prosecutor to use a Minnesota statute that provides for a stay of adjudication. This means that although the defendant pleads guilty to the criminal possession charge, the judge does not accept the guilty plea and places him on probation for a period of time. If the defendant completes the probation, the charge is dismissed and the defendant is permitted an expungement (a sealing of his record). In addition, in some Minnesota counties such as Hennepin and Ramsey counties, there is a separate “drug court.” A person charged with a drug crime may be prosecuted in this drug court. This is usually to the advantage of the defendant. These special courts have more of a rehabilitative or treatment focus than a punishment focus and judges in these courts are very aware of the complicated problems of drug use and addiction.

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