Minneapolis Announces New Sexual Assault Investigation Procedures

Minneapolis Chief of Police Medaria Arradondo and Mayor Jacob Frey have announced extensive reforms in how sexual assault cases are investigated in Minneapolis. These changes are the result of the efforts designed to enhance support for the victims of such reported attacks.

The new principles depend on a model arrangement conceived by the state's police oversight board, from a team selected a year ago by then-Attorney General Lori Swanson.

The standards likewise reflect an extensive joint effort with advocates, survivors and specialists in handling sexual assault cases, as indicated by an advisory from Frey's office issued April 1st.

"Compassion, accountability and responsiveness" is what the new standards will be based on, according to Frey’s office.

Prior to 2019, the Minneapolis Police Department embraced specific proposals from the attorney general's task force. These included the guarantee that individuals who report sexual assault won't themselves deal with indictments for minor offenses such as drinking underage. The pending strategy will go much further. There may be a complete overhaul of the Minneapolis Police Department's current way of dealing with underreported violations.

It additionally consolidates law authorization best practices for collaborating with and interviewing victims traumatized by sexual assaults. Officially all Minneapolis police offers are being prepared in the training of "trauma-informed" interviewing.

The changes in Minneapolis are among a few received by law enforcement organizations across the state in the wake of failures in how assaults and rapes are investigated and indicted. The majority of Minnesota's 400 or more law enforcement agencies are required to have clear rules on practices for taking care of sexual assault reports.

Former Attorney General Lori Swanson's team likewise drew up statewide statutory suggestions that are presently pending before the present Legislature.


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