White Collar Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer

Being investigated for or charged with a white collar crime is intimidating and stressful. While you worry about potential prison time and substantial financial penalties, the government is working aggressively to use its vast resources to build a case against you. This often derails your attempts to continue operating a business or maintaining your profession. Fortunately, white collar crimes attorneys at The Law Office of William J. Mauzy have the skills and resources to aggressively pursue your best interests in all phases of a white collar case from investigation through trial.

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Minnesota Economic Crimes Lawyer

Attorney William Mauzy has extensive experience defending clients against white collar economic crimes. He has been named as a Best Lawyer in America – White Collar Crimes. Mauzy has successfully tried more than 100 cases in his criminal defense career, including obtaining not-guilty verdicts on behalf of:

  • The former Chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party who had been accused of illegal campaign contributions
  • A businessman charged with 100 felony counts of mail fraud, insurance fraud, and securities fraud
  • An insurance company CEO prosecuted for mail fraud and securities fraud by the Office of Independent Counsel
  • A construction company owner accused of criminal anti-trust bid-rigging and fraud
  • An operator of a non-profit company accused of tax fraud

A Skilled, Effective Defense Against White Collar Criminal Charges

Bill Mauzy represents a wide range of clients, from individuals to large corporations, in white collar cases of every complexity in state and federal courts. To learn more about the types of white collar economic cases he handles, click on the following links:

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Mauzy believes that by performing a thorough investigation and examining all of the facts in his clients' cases, he will achieve the best possible outcome. The Minneapolis white collar crimes attorneys and staff at our law firm are known for their knowledge of the law, experience in court and dedication to every client.

These cases are often won or lost during the investigation phase due to the complexity of the issues involved. Business records need to be accumulated, reviewed and preserved. Often it is a race with law enforcement to interview potential witnesses before they become unavailable to the defense. If you believe you are under investigation for a white collar economic crime, it is important to contact the Law Offices of William J. Mauzy for a free initial consultation with a Minneapolis white collar criminal law attorney.