Third-Degree Murder Charges Can Have Serious Ramifications

One person killing another person can have many different ramifications. It all depends on where the incident occurs, what circumstances led up to the homicide and what the individual in question is charged with.

In the state of Minnesota, third-degree murder occurs when a person is killed without direct intent or planning (premeditation) beforehand.

These situations usually occur through dangerous acts where the convicted party has engaged in reckless or haphazard behavior, with no consideration for the life of others. The victim may have been murdered directly by these acts or be an indirect and unfortunate result.

Third-degree murders may include drug overdoses, drug-induced murders (commonly at the hands of the drug dealer), murders that occur unintentionally or murders that occur at the hands of someone with a mental disorder. Intending to inflict harm onto another person, without the intent to kill them (known as malice), can also result in a third-degree murder charge if the harmed person(s) lose their life as a result of a malicious act or situation.

If convicted of third-degree murder in Minnesota, punishment will likely include a felony charge, a prison time sentence of up to 25 years and a fine of $40,000.

These cases are much too serious and delicate to leave in the hands of a public defender. Anyone who is in this situation should consult a Minnesota criminal defense attorney immediately. An attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in murder and homicide cases will be on your side and look out for your best interests. Legal matters, even third-degree murder, are never black and white cases. A defense attorney will search for the gray area of facts that will help your case in the most beneficial way. They will work to cast a reasonable doubt on your case. The result may be an acquittal, reduced charges or a reduced fine.

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